The school library is equipped with adequate number of books, magazines and dailies in languages. The students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the library and also make use of the library regularly.

  • All the students and members of the staff are the members of the school library.
  • Absolute silence must be maintained inside the library during the time or reading, referring, taking and returning the books.
  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library under any circumstances.
  • Library books will be issued according to class wise schedule as informed by the librarian.
  • Students are not allowed to bring their text books and other story books or other reference books to the library.
  • Students’ personal belongings like bags, tiffin carriers, etc. must be kept outside the library.
  • Students are allowed to borrow only one book at a time and can retain it for three days. The librarian may call for the return of the borrowed books from any member, even before the expiry of the three days.
  • If the book borrowed is not returned to the librarian on the due date, a fine of Rs.1/to Rs.10/per day will be levied, depending upon the demand for the book.
  • Borrowers should not pass on or give the book obtained from school library to others. No marking, underlining or any other damage to the book is allowed.
  • Students are required to examine the book at the time of borrowing and report to the librarian, if there is any damage in this matter.
  • Books lost, damaged or handled carelessly will have to be paid for or replaced. Principal’s /Vice Principal decision will be final and binding in the matter.
  • Staff and pupils of all classes must return the borrowed books on or before 31 March. Only then students will be allowed to appear for final exams. There will be no issue of books during summer vacation.
Carl and the Passions changed band name to whatBeach Boys
How many rings on the Olympic flagFive
What colour is vermilion a shade ofRed
King Zog ruled which countryAlbania
What colour is Spock’s bloodGreen
Where in your body is your patellaKnee ( it’s the kneecap )
Where can you find London bridge todayUSA ( Arizona )
What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow muleVodka
Who was the first man in spaceYuri Gagann
What would you do with a YashmakWear it – it’s an Arab veil
Who betrayed Jesus to the RomansJudas Escanot
Which animal lays eggsDuck billed platypus
On television what was FlipperDolphin
Who’s band was The QuarrymenJohn Lenon
Which was the most successful Grand National horseRed Rum
Who starred as the Six Million Dollar ManLee Majors
In the song Waltzing Matilda – What is a JumbuckMekon
Who was Dan Dare’s greatest enemy in the EagleSheep
What is Dick Grayson better known asRobin (Batman and Robin)
What was given on the fourth day of ChristmasCalling birds
What was Skippy ( on TV )The bush kangaroo
What does a funarnbulist doTightrope walker
What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s dogGnasher
What are bactrians and dromedariesCamels (one hump or two)
Who played The FugitiveDavid Jason

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