Uses of technology in the field of education

From the words of our father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change, you want to see in the world” inclining towards day to day transformation of the world around us. One such change is the instigation of technology in education has changed the face of education and it has created more opportunities. The usage of technology in education has removed educational boundaries for both students and teachers.

Technology has definitely eradicated the boundaries between a student and a teacher. Now a teacher can reach a student across the border in any time zone. The educational world embraces the tech by creating on line and virtual classrooms. Online education opens up many unopened windows to the students and teachers duo even handed. The advancement in educational technology has yielded positive results in this field. The digitalized classrooms are profusely equipped with tools like computers, ipads, smartphones, digital white boards, has increased student’s engagement and motivation towards learning, which makes an educator a student inclining towards an anonymous phrase learning with mitigated help from their teachers. They support and guide there by providing appropriate suggestion while academic training , developing skills in problem solving and decision making.

Technology in the classrooms is like a foray into the modern invention, there as unexplored areas of growth in the young minds. It is evident that these technologies can improve student achievement, when the tools of educational technology are thoughtfully integrated into teaching and learning. Universally technology is accepted and dominant in diver’s fields of life. The integration of technology in student learning has increased the expectation of ones increased efficiency and effeteness on both the part of teachers and students. It prompts pedagogical evolution and caters to the issues arising towards leaning teaching. Technology twins the action of the device and synergist for transformation. I conclude by the Quote “Technology will not replace great teacher but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”.

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